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A little more about Cronos Timetable

Making a timetable for your Educational Institution can be an extremely complex task: you must deal with the days that some teachers cannot give classes, deal with windows formation, deal with students and families’ complains, change the timetable in the middle of the year...

To help you in this task, the startup 4cis Systems developed Cronos Timatable, a web tool built exclusively to generate timetables for your Educational Institution in an easy, automatic and efficient way! Cronos works over the Internet, so it works at your tablet and/or computer, without having to install anything in your device! You do not have to worry about your data, since it gets stored in the cloud, safely, and you can access them from anywhere.

The system considers the Morning, Afternoon and Evening sessions, but it can be easily adapted for institutions that work with Integral sessions (only being necessary inserting all data in a single session). In addition, inserting data from grades, courses, teachers and classes is an intuitive and simple process, allowing an easy association of your data.

After inserting all data and verifying it, the user can ask the system to generate a timetable. Moreover, if you need to verify or make the maintenance of this information futurely, it will always be available.

Cronos accepts a variety of restrictions that your institution might have: teachers' schedule conflict, class' unavailability, teachers' time off, windows, doubled lessons and isolated lessons. Minimizing these factors, you avoid your teachers staying at your institution without necessity and receiving for it. In other words, you can save money!

With the available Reports, the system verifies your data, and informs if there are possible failures, like, if a teacher gives more classes that he can, in a week.  If these failures happen, the system flags them and shows suggestions to avoid them, making a satisfactory timetable.

Cronos also have an Automatic Changes module. With it, you choose the lesson you want to change, and the system suggests which changes can be made, following the informed restrictions. With it, you can improve your timetable even more.

Cronos have a specialized team, that can help you during all the process of using the system.

Our plans are the lowest in the market and suitable for the most of the institutions, but if you need some specific plans, contact our support team, that we will help you to choose an ideal plan!

Don’t waste more time! Click here, read more about our plans and save time and money, knowing that you’ll have timetables made with quality, by qualified professionals, with a fair price!


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